Klopp praises Jota for raising his level a lot.

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Liverpool’s German manager, Jurgen Klopp, has hailed Diogo Jota for elevating himself a lot and becoming a world-class striker.

With a brilliant performance at Wolves, Liverpool had to bring in Diogo Jota for a fee of £37 million. The arrival of Diogo Jota has made Liverpool’s attack even better. A lot and Diogo Jota has always developed himself. It is ready to become a main character of Liverpool already. The latest match against Watford was again Diogo Jota received. Opportunity to start the field before scoring 1 goal for Liverpool.

And the latest victory means Liverpool are still on the path to win the English Premier League. Having to decide against the No. 1 team, Manchester City, where Jurgen Klopp praises Diogo Jota for raising the bar. He has risen a lot and is now becoming a world-class striker, with Jurgen Klopp giving an interview: “Since Diogo Jota moved to Liverpool, there has been a constant development of himself. Now he has become a world-class striker.”

“In addition, Diogo Jota has done a great job with the Portuguese national team, and from the past performance it is clear that Diogo Jota has developed himself until he is ready to play in every UFABET game. The level of both club and national team, plus Diogo Jota continues to develop himself, “Diogo Jota has scored 20 goals from 40 appearances in all competitions for Liverpool.