Mbappe fan selfishly wears Messi to host Strasbourg

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Made the fans of Paris Saint-Germain. Out ranting about Kylian Mbappe, the forward’s selfish approach to Lionel Messi caused the team to miss their chance to take the three points back to Paris in Ligue 1 last night. past

  Lionel Messi didn’t enjoy scoring that much at Paris Saint-Germain. Despite the Barcelona legendnot playing badly in French football. But it cannot be denied that Messi’s record of only four goals in 23 games in Ligue 1 has shocked fans. The fact that he continues to rank among Europe’s best performing players doesn’t deny the fact. His total number of goals in the Football League has dropped by 26 compared to last season.

          Speaking of players who have won the European Golden Boot six times. They have scored 91 goals in a single calendar year. The huge reduction in the number of goals is not something that should be overlooked and sadly Messi has really run out of time. To make his PSG record look even more palatable in his first season. That’s because few games remain for him to play in the 2021/22 season. Troyes, Montpellier and Metz remaining to play. Before blinding a bitterly disappointing season 

          And while Messi will go into the final three games in hopes of scoring as many goals as possible. But he is faced with the fact that he was unable to raise his total number of goals. Against Strasbourg last night (Friday 29 April 2022) with PSG guaranteeing the title Ligue 1. Of course, had to stumble for the second time in a row. After the Strasbourg Scored goal in injury time 

          The game last night that Paris Saint-Germain. Visit Strasbourg’s Stade de la Menau. At the start of the first half, in the second minute Strasbourg took a 1-0 lead from Kevin Gamero. Then in the 23rd minute PSG equalized to 1-1 from Kylian Mbappe to end. First half Strasbourg draws Paris Saint-Germain 1-1 second half in the 64th minute. PSG lead 2-1 from Achraf Hakimi then in the 68th minute PSG. Leading 3-1 from a mistake by Alexandre Dicou, the defender sent the ball back in the direction of Mbappe, falling for an easy shot. 

          But in the 75th minute Strasbourg came to 2-3 from Marco Verratti’s own goal  into stoppage time, in the 90th minute + 2 Strasbourg equalized to 3. -3 from Anthony Gazi, the rest of the time both teams can’t do more. End of the game, Paris Saint-Germain draws Strasbourg 3-3 at the end of which failure. In not being able to beat PSG in this game, the fans. Many consider that partly due to Messi’s lack of a fair chance to help the team to the three points.

          That’s because there are claims made on social media that Messi never received a pass the moment he managed to kill a goal from Mbappe. with many opinions that he was selfish The team’s supporters have identified two periods in which Mbappe, who is likely to leave PSG this summer, did not take the opportunity to pass the ball to Messi when it came time. Teams will benefit from doing so.

      However, perhaps the worse example is that the fans The reference was presumably in stoppage time when the Paris elite saw an excellent opportunity to end the game before Strasbourg equalized, with Mbappe running into the zone. That penalty, he had a clear choice of who to pass when Messi ran to his right. That should have been much easier to see than the one above, but Mbappe instead opted to fire and go over the bar rather than handing it over to Messi, who would have been easier to score.

          This was therefore a sound of scolding Mbappe in a way that was selfish in this draw against Strasbourg. Because many people don’t understand why he didn’t pass the ball to Messi in this UFABET case.