Redknapp reveals Moyes has drowned out all the criticism

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Former West Ham United manager Harry Redknapp has hailed David Moyes for lifting West Ham United. To the top of the English Premier League table and refutes criticism come too.

David Moyes previously managed West Ham United in 2017. But for just one season, West Ham United immediately decided to part with David Moyes to make way for a new manager. West Ham United’s performance did not improve. West Ham United eventually picked David Moyes back as manager despite West Ham United’s performance in David Moyes’ first season. To control the team may not be very satisfactory.

But David Moyes has lifted West Ham United a lot. Europa League qualifiers last season, continuing into the 2021/22 season. United are still excellent. It have the opportunity to move up to the top four. Harry Redknapp praising David Moyes has lifted West Ham United a lot. Plus removing the criticism that has been completed by Harry Redknapp said in an interview

“West Ham United have made the decision to bring David Moyes back to the club, despite their previously unsatisfactory split and David Moyes has been subject to constant criticism. But David Moyes has handled the criticism well and used West Ham United’s performance to drown out all the criticism by leading the club to Europa League qualifying and a chance to end. season in the UFABET top four area as well.”