Tarkowski reveals Burnley must go on to lose to Man City

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Burnley’s England defender James Tarkowski has revealed that Burnley’s players will have to deal with their latest defeat to move on. Although Burnley’s situation has been sluggish. How good you fight

Burnley are in a difficult situation. After falling into the relegation area and risking going into the Championship. If they can’t get their good form back and Against Manchester City was a difficult task for Burnley. Burnley hoping to get a point, even just one point was good, but the game started only 5 minutes ago. It was Kevin De Bruyne who helped Manchester City take the lead.

And throughout the game, Manchester City barely gave Burnley a chance to attack and got a goal from Ilkay Gundogan in the 25th minute, which was led 2-0 before Ber. Naley immediately gave up and it was Manchester City that easily defeated Burnley, leaving Burnley’s situation still less competitive with points behind teams in the 4th relegation area. Plus points for more than one match, which James Tarkowski revealed that Burnley need to move on.

“Manchester City are the best team in the English Premier League and the results are not that bad and we know that facing Manchester City is not an easy task. A bit and we conceded so quickly the situation made things worse, although we wanted to win a lot in UFABET. But we didn’t want to put too much pressure on ourselves.