6 tips to “cool off the heat” when the average temperature is nearly 40 degrees.

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The hot weather is almost frying fever in our country right now. This makes many people hardly want to step outside of the air-conditioned room. But people have to travel everywhere, go to work, run errands, or may have to work outdoors for many hours. Even sitting still It’s still so hot in the house that you’ll sweat all over your back. How can we survive this hot weather? Let’s see the (not) secret tips that Sanook! Health has brought for you.

Tips to cool down

  1. Carry drinking water with you.

During this time, your bag may need to be a bit large. Because it has to hold many items to reduce heat. But none is as bad as this one: drinking water. A body that loses a lot of sweat is easily dehydrated. The exhaustion, heat, and thirst made many people sick, faint, and unconscious. And there is also a risk of dehydration. Especially those who have to stay outdoors for a long time. So leave room in your bag for a travel-sized bottle of water. (Other drinks are fine, but water is the best.)

  1. Cool cloth + handheld fan

Whenever outside the house Must do activities outside the building for a long time, having a cool cloth or wet wipes Wipe it all over your face and neck before turning on the hand fan on your face. This way you will be cool and comfortable for several minutes.

  1. Facial spray or mist

In addition to the cool cloth, if you have a spray or mist, you can spray it on your face during the day. Can buy spray Or you can spray facial mist at cosmetics stores. or supermarkets in the https://ufabet999.app general cosmetics section If you are a woman wearing makeup There is a spray that helps control oil. and long-lasting cosmetics to choose from as well As for men, don’t worry about whether they can use it or not. Because there is a mineral water spray that can be used without makeup. Or you can choose a cool spray to deodorize your body as well.

  1. Choose to wear light clothing. The fabric wicks heat well.

Just thin fabric isn’t enough, because thin fabric doesn’t mean it can dissipate heat well. You should choose clothes made from linen, cotton, wave-patterned cotton (Sersucker), chambray, or summer denim, where the blue-gray color of this type of fabric is often chosen to make shirts instead of jeans. Thick, etc. In addition, you should avoid tight-fitting clothes. And turn to wearing light, baggy styles such as oversized shirts and large, wide-legged pants. Avoid wearing many layers of overlapping clothing. and choose a light color More than dark colors, especially black, because they will absorb more heat. Makes us feel even hotter.

  1. Ice on the pulse

The method may be a bit strange, but it really works if you feel very hot. Try bringing something cold, such as ice or a glass or cold drink bottle. Place it on a point where the pulse can be measured, such as the blood vessels in the wrist, neck, elbow, ankle, groin, etc. It will miraculously make the body feel cooler.

  1. Wear a hat and a UV umbrella. Wear sun protection every time you go outside.

The final method is to protect yourself from the sun. Important causes of hot weather In addition to helping reduce the heat temperature from the sun’s rays reaching our skin. It also helps prevent our skin from being harmed by UV light. Important factors that cause dry, damaged, dull, and prematurely aging skin. And most importantly, it also helps reduce the risk of skin cancer. If you need to work in the sun for a long time Don’t forget to wear a hat. Wear long-sleeved, long-legged clothing. Protecting the skin from direct sunlight is best.