“Heatstroke” is a disease that pets can suffer from. How to deal with it if it happens to dogs and cats in the summer

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Entering the summer There is no need to mention how hot the weather is. In hot weather like this, there are many diseases that one must be careful of, especially ” Heatstroke ” which can happen whether it is a pet or a person.” Dr. Palida Keertibutr ” Veterinarian at Thonglor Animal Hospital Recommended methods for dealing with heat stroke in dogs and cats during the summer. So that owners can observe if such symptoms occur with our pets.

"Heatstroke" is a disease that pets can suffer from. How to deal with it if it happens to dogs and cats in the summer

First of all, it is important to understand what heatstroke is. And how dangerous is it to pets? “Heatstroke” is a very dangerous disease if it happens to pets. Most pet owners understand that this disease is a disease that they have to be careful of only in the hot สมัคร ufabet season. But in reality, heatstroke in pets can occur anywhere, anytime, in any season, but the summer months are the most at risk for the disease. Because the temperature outside is hot. It is difficult to cool down pets.

Breeds of pets that are more prone to heatstroke are: Short-faced dog But the statistics of symptoms aside from the breed factor, it also depends on the activities you do. If the owner takes the dog out to do outdoor activities such as running until he is panting, it causes the metabolism to work harder. body temperature rises Heatstroke can easily occur as well. For owners who take their pets to do outdoor activities You must prepare water for him to drink often. And keep observing and watching his behavior at all times.

How to notice the symptoms If your dog or cat has symptoms of heatstroke First, there will be symptoms of panting, being unable to breathe, being extremely tired, dizzy, drooling, and in some cases unable to recognize their owner. and has a temporary ferocity Owners may think heatstroke doesn’t look dangerous. I think pets are playing. is lively and happy But in reality it is very dangerous. His body might not be able to cool down in time. Therefore, the tongue must be stuck out more than usual and there is panting. In some cases, heat stroke occurs very quickly, in as little as 10 minutes. The pet cannot tolerate it and eventually dies.  

For basic first aid  If you notice that your pet has symptoms of heat stroke, it is Try to lower your internal body temperature. Use normal temperature water to wipe yourself, especially the skin under the paws and under the belly. To allow the body to cool down better Never use cold water. Because cold water causes blood vessels to contract. Makes cooling difficult. Do not use warm water as it dilates blood vessels and may cause shock. Additionally, you should never use a damp cloth to cover your pet. This is because the body cannot cool itself well. and may increase the heat of the pet’s body. Also, pets should not be soaked in water as this may cause a heart attack. 

Giving pets cold water or room temperature water in small amounts If large amounts of water are given too quickly, it may cause vomiting. Including bringing pets to a shaded area with good ventilation. Located in a room with a fan or air conditioner. Pets should not be allowed to do outdoor activities. Until you are sure you are completely healed.

When performing first aid until the body temperature has dropped You should immediately take your pet to the hospital for further treatment by a veterinarian. Because the outside body may appear normal. But some internal body systems may be damaged by heat.

“Heatstroke” if it happens to dogs and cats It’s not a joke. Always keep an eye on your pet’s symptoms.