How to cool your cat No matter how hot it is, little cat is still happy.

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Hot weather like this Don’t say it’s just people who can’t stand it. Because some cats face hardships This is because cats have limited ability to cool themselves through sweating. This makes them feel hot easily. So let’s help our cat owners avoid the heat. There are these methods. 

How to cool your cat No matter how hot it is, little cat is still happy.

How to cool your cat

Summer like this We have to help the cat cool down too.

1. Clean water must always be available: Fill the bowl with water. and change the water frequently So that the cat always has clean water to drink.

2. Cool space: Find an area that is well ventilated, place a mattress or cool blanket on it. Let the cat rest.

3. Shade: If your cat is outdoors Make sure there is shade for them to escape the sun from morning until evening.

4. Cool down in the house: Turn on the air conditioner, open the windows, or use a fan to cool the air in the house.

5. Cool off with an ice bottle: Place an ice bottle in front of the fan. It will help add coolness to the air.

6. Hair free of clumps : Make sure your cat’s fur is free of clumps or tangles. (Tangled fur traps heat.) For long-haired cats Maybe consider getting a haircut.

7. Cut only the stomach area (optional) : You can choose to cut only the cat’s stomach area.

8. Wipe yourself with a damp cloth : Use a damp cloth. Gently wipe your cat’s body. It will help cool down.

9. Use a cold compress safely.

  • Apply a cold compress with a cloth : Wrap a cold cloth (such as a towel) around the cold compress bag. Then place it in the cat’s favorite sleeping area.
  • Make your own ice pack : You can make your own ice pack by freezing a plastic water bottle filled with water. (Remember that water expands as it freezes. So don’t fill it completely with water. and squeeze out the air before freezing)

10. Check risky places before closing the door : Before closing the door to your shed, shed, or car, make sure there are no cats stuck inside. Because cats trapped in these places are at risk of heatstroke.

11. Do not leave your cat in the car : Absolutely do not leave your cat in the car. Even if the window is left open The temperature inside a car can rise quickly. which can be fatal

The cat is in extreme heat! What must I do?

Heatstroke can be life-threatening. So you need to act quickly. The ufabet goal is to lower the cat’s body temperature back to normal. But do not use ice or extremely cold water. Because it may have severe effects on the cat.

Things to do

  1. Call your veterinarian immediately. and follow the instructions
  2. Move the cat to a cool place, such as a well-ventilated area. Under a shade tree or in an air-conditioned room
  3. Give water to the cat If the cat can still drink water
  4. Use Foxy to spray cold water. (not ice) gently on the fur area
  5. Use a fan or natural wind. Helps the cat cool down.
  6. While waiting to be taken to the vet Make sure you apply cold compresses. and provide water continuously (If the cat can still drink water)

Remember, it’s important to get your cat to the vet as soon as possible – don’t delay.