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That's because there are claims made on social media that Messi never received a pass the moment he managed to kill a goal from Mbappe. with many opinions that he was selfish The team's supporters have identified two periods in which Mbappe, who is likely to leave PSG this summer, did not take the opportunity to pass the ball to Messi when it came time. Teams will benefit from doing so. The first trailer happened before the first half when the score was 1-1, with Mbappe choosing to go alone. Instead of passing the ball to Neymar or Messi as they ran into the penalty area. And that proved to be the wrong decision as Mbappe dribbled past two Strasbourg players but ultimately failed to have any impact on the team.

Mbappe fan selfishly wears Messi to host Strasbourg

Made the fans of Paris Saint-Germain. Out ranting about Kylian Mbappe, the forward’s selfish approach to Lionel Messi caused the team to miss their chance to take the three points back to Paris in Ligue 1 last night. past   Lionel Messi didn’t enjoy scoring that much at Paris