8 tips for serving and plating Helps control food portions and reduces weight.

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Did you know that the way food is served and plated affects how much we eat? Sometimes eating too many healthy foods can seem like a rare occurrence. But there are still a number of people who eat too much healthy food, leading to the problem of being overweight. Therefore,

controlling the portion and quantity on your plate is an important part of losing weight or controlling calories. Based on the results of a meta-analysis (Meta – Analysis) published in Obesity Research & Clinical Practice on the use of portion control plates. (Portion-Control-Plates) among participating volunteers Found that body weight Body mass index and waist circumference were significantly reduced.

8 tips for serving and plating Helps control food portions and reduces weight.

1. Choose a smaller container.

Whether it’s soup or beans Any dish served from a large container will encourage you to eat more. According to data from the University of Cambridge, people consume more food and drinks when they receive food in large packages than in small ones. Therefore, if you want to control the amount of food you eat, Try changing to serving in small containers instead.

2. Choose small cutlery.

People are more likely to scoop food for themselves if they use a large spoon than a small spoon. Therefore, you should be careful with the amount of food you put on the spoon. Because sometimes we may think that the ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com food in front of us is just a few spoonfuls. But if you use a large spoon The amount of food you eat can add up to an alarming rate.

3. Don’t forget to watch the portion sizes.

When using a small plate Our eyes view the food on the plate as having more quantity. Therefore, if you want to reduce calories by reducing the amount of food. Don’t forget to reduce the size of your food plate as well.

4. The height and width of your drinking glass are more important than you think.

For people who are trying to control their calorie intake from beverages. Consider the size and shape of the drinking glass you use. This is because tall, skinny glasses appear to hold more water than short, fat ones. This will trick the eyes into thinking that our stomachs are starting to fill up.

5. Arrange dishes in the kitchen instead of the table.

Serving food together on the table provides convenience for the whole family. Which is why trying to control how much you eat around a dining room table full of different foods is never a good idea. Because it’s easy and tempting to add more food, scoop food from the kitchen and then bring individual plates to share at the table. You can place food on the dining table, but there should be only vegetables and fruits that are low in calories.

6. The color of the plates affects food control.

The color of the plate may affect your ability to estimate the amount of food eaten. This is because the difference between the color of the food and the color of the plate affects perception. For example, Square dark chocolate cake on a bright white plate. It will allow us to see different parts of the picture. of the cake more easily As a result, it will be easier to control the amount you eat.

7. Eat low-calorie food first.

When you feel very hungry People are more likely to choose the food with the highest calorie content for themselves and to choose it first. It means when you feel hungry. Try to find vegetables or salad to eat first. This way, adding low-calorie foods first leaves less room in your stomach for other, heavier foods.

8. Use your food plate as a simple guide.

Food plates can be used as a guide to portioning meals. Although each person has different dietary needs, But some rough advice Below can be used as a useful guide. Especially when eating at restaurants outside. which such proportions include

• Vegetables or salad: about ½ of the plate
*• Proteins: about ¼ of the plate
• Carbohydrates, such as whole grains and some vegetables: about ¼ of the plate

Also, when eating out There are other factors. That influences eating behavior that must be careful, such as avoiding sugary drinks before eating. Choosing grilled dishes instead of fried, etc.