Juventus set to send Keane back to Everton

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Juventus are set to send Moise Kean back to Everton at the end of the 2021/22 season. A somewhat unsatisfactory performance with Juventus interested in Giacomo Raspado. Sassuolo’s ri is just right.

Moise Kean was previously at Juventus and appeared to be doing. So well that Everton had to pay £23m for Moise Kean. Expectations are to help Everton’s attacking strength. But it looks like the arrival of Moise Kean will not help Everton’s attack any stronger. Plus Moise Kean Young. Rarely get the opportunity to play until having to move to Paris Saint-Germain on loan immediately.

Despite Moise Kean’s impressive performance, Paris Saint-Germain opted to send Moise Kean back to Everton anyway and, most recently, it was Juventus who brought in Moise Kean. Come back to join the team again in the hopes of strengthening the offensive game, but Moise Kean seems to be just a backup as before, and recently, Juventus recently pulled Dusan Vlajovic to join the team, giving more opportunities. Moise Kean’s fewer appearances have prompted Juventus to send Moise Kean back to Everton immediately.

Although Moise Kean has one year remaining on his loan, Moise Kean’s lack of playing time doesn’t necessarily mean Juventus will keep Moise Kean with the team. In addition, Juventus are already interested in Giacomo Rapadori. So there is no need for Juventus to keep Moise Kean at the UFABET club.