Laj reveals Wolverhampton Wanderers are ready to offer Neves a contract

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Wolverhampton Wanderers are prepared to offer Ruben Neves a new contract to keep the player. At the club and set aside speculations about a move. Wolverhampton Wanderers manager Bruno Laj has revealed. The team that comes out continuously

Ruben Neves is a player who has consistently performed well and played an important role in helping Wolverhampton to upgrade to a regular team in the English Premier League with success and great results. So much that Ruben Neves has news about moving the team out all the time. Also ready to spend unlimited money. Wolverhampton slated to be considered immediately after the 2021/22 season.

Of course, Wolverhampton Wanderers do not want to let Ruben Neves leave the team. Plus Ruben Neves has no plans to part with Wolverhampton. The latest Bruno Laj has revealed that Wolves. Tan prepares to offer a new contract to Ruben Neves immediately to settle rumors of a transfer that has come out. With Bruno Laj said in an interview. Ruben Neves has had a great season and can be called good form.

Plus, Ruben Neves is a player we deserve to have in our squad. If we want to build a great team. But we don’t know what the future holds. I personally hope Ruben Neves. Will agree to extend the contract with Wolverhampton further to defeat rumors of moving the UFABET team. Wolverhampton just beat Aston Villa narrowly. Giving Wolves the chance to go to the Euros. Auntie League next season immediately began to look like a possibility.